EVA Cloud
Meet the new era of video analytics

App market

Solutions ready to be implemented with technical and end-user support

Developer platform

Developer tools (SDK, ML constructor, UI-kit), app incubator, pilot run system

Technological framework

Patentable asyncronous video stream processing technology that optimizes edge-to-cloud computing power distribution

Public / private cloud + Edge

Two deployment models

Features that simplify implementation in day-to-day development
The collaborative model

The model is a combination of developers, users and data pools concentrated in one point on a single platform

Better together

The platform simplifies the creation of apps, where 90% of the work is already done with the help of application builder

The choice is yours

The user chooses pre-made video analytical solutions from the App Market


Technological framework combines cloud and edge resources for a drastically reduce computational resource consumption

Technological innovation at the heart of the platform
Fully asynchronous
video stream processing technology

Allows free computing resources to be used only when needed

Dynamic load balancing technology

The tech allows to distribute computing power between end devices and a data center or cloud, which lets you to radically reduce the cost of processing video streams, as up to 90% can be done on an edge device


Privacy-providing technology for video information processing

Video stream does not leave the edge device, only tensors and metadata are transmitted to the cloud

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The future of video analytics
Coming in Q4 2022